Genesis 3:1
“Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field”

In the Lords prayer, we utter “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”. Satan’s mission is to do just the opposite of this, by leading us into temptations.

Four Schemes of Satan:
1) Satan seeks to draw us into sin by tempting us. His scheme is to deliver us to evil. Like a fisherman using a shiny lure to catch a fish, he seeks to firmly set the hook and reel us into sin. Satan wants you to wander towards sinful opportunities, thinking you’re strong enough to repeatedly avoid the temptations. The Bible commands us to turn away from people and situations that promote sinful unbiblical opportunities (Romans 16:17).

2) Satan uses his schemes to entangle human souls by presenting sin with a mask on it, in order to deceive us. He makes us think that drunkenness is good fellowship and that false teachers are men of God because their title is ‘pastor’.  Be wary, because as Thomas Brooks said, “A wolf is still a wolf when wearing sheep’s clothing.”

3) Another of his schemes is to present sin as lesser than it is. Make no mistake, it only takes one sin for us all to deserve eternal hell. There is nothing “little” about ‘little sin’. The devil does not want us to understand the snowball effect of sin, in that one ‘little sin’ builds up to a point that it is unstoppable.

How many people will spend eternity in hell because of their love of ‘one little sin’?

4) Satan will lure us into sin by enticing us to think about the sins of people we respect. We quickly forget the repentance and troubles that accompany these sins. God has detailed many of the sins of His people in the Bible, so as to warn others about what not to do. These are not presented in scripture for us to think they are okay to do.

“When Satan tempts to sin, and he finds resistance that initial resistance might be from carnal strength and motives instead of God’s strength and armour….If your strength is in God, you will hold your ground”

– William Gurnall